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Interactive Floor Projection System Rent

Interactive Floor Projection System on rent :

Interactive Floor Projection – Know How.

  • We can create innovative Audio-Visual Effects with our Interactive Floor Projection System.
  • When a person passes, magnificent effects projected onto the floor. This will include your logo and branding.
    Use it as an advertising medium to promote brand awareness.
  • It is latest visual marketing tool to launch new products and services at exhibitions, promotion and entertainment events.
  • The Interactive Floor System can engage customers, command attention, increase visitor traffic, drive sales and create a more dynamic customer experience.

Interactive floor and wall digital displays

Works with any computer, display, and a web camera.

Our interactive display hardware and software is the brains behind every installation and interactive technology. It is available in standard versions, so we can design an interactive floor or design wall that fits your budget.

Whether your content is an interactive koi fish pond, a game, or a special effect, you’ll find over affordable interactive floor projection and interactive wall games and effects will make your patron happy.

Customize your design and effects for Interactive Floor Projection

Create an interactive display that is truly magical.

If you want tp see the game or effect you need? Contact us, and we can make your custom design. Our team designs professional interactive display games for walls and floors quickly, at an affordable price.

Services include custom setups like irregular shapes and large scale, multi-display interactive environments for advertising. Ask for a quote today, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Keep in touch with us online for update and inspiring ideas of how people are using our services.

Interactive Floor Projection

Interactive Floor Projection