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Video camera still camera on rent.

Video camera still camera on rent :

Video Shooting, Multi camera setup  & Still Photography
We Provide Video and still photography services for your event.
Accompanied with friendly service and backed by good technical knowledge, we will ensure a pleasant coverage of your function.

  • We use SONY PD170 DVCAM and HD 1000 P Video cameras.
  • For Multi camera setup we use Panasonic MX70 mixer.


  • We have special department for post production work.
  • Our editor will make sure that you will get the best effective DVD of your event.


For still photography we uses NIKON and Cannon camera. 
We have wide variety of lenses for all the angels.
Call us for any kind of photo and video assignments. Any event whether it is engagement, wedding, birthday party, individual party, corporate parties or events, we are keen to shoot all the glorious moments for you to remember and relish the moments in future.

Still Photography • Video Shooting • Macro Lens • Mixers – SE-2000, MS-900