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Voting Pads on rent.

Voting Pads on rent:

Voting Pad or Audience Response Systems is a system that interactively and effectively enhances the feedback of attendants in any conferences, lectures and presentations.

  •  The system can work well with Microsoft PowerPoint for more effective presentation.
  • The systems can be used for quizzes, survey, voting, contests and corporate trainings. The applications are widely used in classrooms, lecture rooms, training centers and conference halls.
  • Functions such as easy-to-operate Answer Editor and automatic generation of statistics and reports make all work easier. The system enables real-time performance tracking, immediate feedback and review.

How It Works ?

Every participant in conferences, training courses, lectures or seminars is given a keypad. The speaker or instructor poses questions to the entire group. These questions can be entered into the system beforehand or on the spot. The same applies for the answers. Data projection is often used for larger groups, enabling participants to see the questions and answers directly.

Once the voting has started, every participant can respond to the questions individually by making a selection on the keypad. The total of these votes is saved directly and processed into easy-to-interpret charts after the voting has been closed.

Providing direct feedback on the results enable the speaker or instructor to react on the results immediately.